Christian Yoga Videos

We know that practicing yoga as Christians can be a controversial topic, but our style of yoga is unlike anything you’ve seen! Every video includes, prayer, scripture, and biblical encouragement. We believe that yoga can be a powerful tool to help you calm your body and mind, so that you can better connect with God! It is the posture of our heart not our body that determines who we are worshipping. Learn more about our yoga philosophy below!

There are so many amazing physical benefits that come from doing yoga consistently, but more than that, we believe that our yoga practice will give you greater peace, joy, purpose and help you to minimize your stress. There is something so powerful about slowing down and listening. During our yoga videos you will be inspired to use it as a time to draw closer to God and strengthen your soul.

During every yoga video we create you can expect to see us use prayer, bible verses and offer uplifting spiritual encouragement. Our videos vary in length, style and difficulty so that no matter how much experience you have with yoga, there will a video just for you! Our hope is that by combining safe physical exercise, with intentional time with the Lord, that you will begin to discover new levels of joy and freedom in all areas of life!

When you sign up for our FW Free Membership you will receive not only yoga videos but workout videos that compliment your yoga practice. Low Impact Cardio, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Dance and more. Also included with your membership are 100’s of healthy recipes from our online cookbook. Optimal health can be found when we include faith, fitness & food!

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