January Event Calendar

First I want to share a link to our Faith, Fitness & Food Retreat: January 22-23.

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I want you to make lasting, healthy changes this year. I mean it – I REALLY want you to live with strength, energy, peace, health and joy. God has given me a passion to help women in the second half of life to get fit, live fully and finish strong. This passion is what motivated me to put together this event calendar.

Here’s the craziest part about all of these events – they’re FREE. Yes, even the Virtual Retreat and 10 Day Challenge. All I ask is that you share Faithful Workouts with at least one friend (hopefully more) and ask them to join you at these events.

Make sure you’ve joined our membership (we have a Free 30 Day Trial) so that we have your email and can send you all you need to attend these events.

I’d love for you to join Live so that you feel connected with others, but if you can’t make it Live I will send out a recording.

January 4 @ 10am est – Live Cardio/Strength Workout & “Joy” Discussion

January 10 @ 6pm est – Meal Prep Live

January 11 @ 10am est – Live 30-Minute Kickboxing & Core Workout

January 12 @ 8pm est (evening) – Time saving health tips and goal setting
January 14 @ 11am est– Bible Study on How Faith Affects Our Health

January 16 @ 4pm est – Cooking Class “Healthy Desserts”

January 18 @ 9:30am est – Live 15 Minute Total Body Workouts

January 20 @ 11am est – Reduce Stress, Lose Weight & Goal Setting Check In

January 22  @ 8pm est – Virtual Retreat

January 23 @  10:30am est  – Virtual Retreat

January 29 @ 11am est – Live HIIT Workout & “Sharing Your Faith” Discussion (new date)

January 31 Last Day to get 50% of premium annual membership



January Event Calendar

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